an aspiring Miss Pixel and Millimetre-perfect. As a UX designer I strive to design and create intuitive digital experiences, as a goldsmith alluring ornamental items. As a young girl, soldering with the tools of my father, I became fascinated by delicate work and long before I was even able to dial-up connection with a modem (I was born in the mid ‘80s) by all that is digital. It made perfect sense that later in life I would choose a creative and/or technical profession. And so it happened. The integration between creativity and technique is a special interaction in everything I do. Whether I am using a mouse or hammer, passion is what connects it all. Innovative thinking and old fashioned craftsmanship. The user is always central to my product.

As a designer (Pixelwork)

As a UX designer

I design, create and develop digital applications and experiences. The process of enhancing user satisfaction in the interaction between them and the product is important. The key is understanding users and acknowledging their needs and frustrations to thus achieve an optimal user experience.

As a goldsmith (Millimetrework)

As a goldsmith

I design, create and repair jewelry and objects. Goldsmithing is one of the most beautiful crafts which is still being practised today. Working with ancient techniques which have been used for centuries is immensely special. The key of goldsmithing is capturing emotions into noble metal.

(Past, present and future)

Past: My love for delicate work and technology I inherited from my father (electrical engineer by profession), creativity from my mother. Growing up I was having a lot of fun being busy with the computer, playing games and running programs via DOS. I’ve been online since the early days of GeoCities, AltaVista, Netscape, Napster and ICQ. I was busy building websites (first in GeoCities and later in HTML/CSS) and creating images (first in PaintShop Pro and later in Adobe Photoshop). At the age of fifteen I began taking professional lessons in goldsmithing and directly got addicted to the craft.
Present: Fast forward a lot of years later. In 2010 I succesfully completed the goldsmithing education at the Vakschool in the city of Schoonhoven by completing an apprenticeship: creating my masterpiece. In 2011 I started my own company. In 2012 I started studying Communication & Multimedia Design at The Hague University of Applied Sciences and graduated at a non-profit organisation that expresses my ideals.

Future: Scroll down...

So. Now that is explained.

Marleen Jansen

This is me, born on 13 October 1985 in the city of Leiden.

In June 2016 I graduated with a 9 (thesis) at non-profit foundation Viva Las Vega’s.
(Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Communication & Multimedia Design)

Currently I am enthusiastically in search of a new and pleasant challenge!

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I design, create and develop digital applications and experiences

I pushing pixels

VeganChallenge app

VeganChallenge app

Since April 2015 I have been part of the VeganChallenge team and working together on the development of the VeganChallenge app. In April and October participants are supported with recipes and weekly menus, tips and tricks, a personal dietary advice and an online community yearly. Check the first version of the lo- and hi-fi prototype.

An example of my design process
as a UX designer

During designing


for example, a mobile app, I create one or more prototypes after sketching a design. By using a lo-fi and hi-fi prototype it is possible to have an impression of the final product.

Example: a hi-fi prototype of the VeganChallenge app.

The making of
VeganChallenge app prototype


Check my seperate portfolio for my work and more information.

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I design, create and repair jewelry and objects

I measuring millimetres

Featured: Wedding rings

Wedding rings

A set of wedding rings of white and yellow gold. The yellow gold part in both rings is created out of several gold pieces of jewelry from both families of the couple. The ring of the woman features three diamonds. The rings have a matte finish and are polished on the sides. In both rings the wedding date is engraved.

An example of my design process
as a goldsmith

During goldsmithing


I create one or more sample models after sketching an idea. The design will not only take shape because of this, it is also nice to already see and feel the design and to wear it in advance.

Example: a sample model in silver and brass for wedding rings.

The making of
Wedding rings with diamonds


Check my seperate portfolio for my work and more information.

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Marleen Jansen

Marleen Jansen

Connect with me on LinkedIn

Current projects

2016-present: Viva Las Vega’s website
Part of team, realizing the Viva Las Vega’s website
2015-present: VeganChallenge app
Part of team, realizing the VeganChallenge app


2012-2016: Communication & Multimedia Design, The Hague University
Bachelor of Science (BSc)
Human Computer Interaction, Design, ICT, Communication, Marketing, Media Science
2006-2010: Goldsmith (entrepeneur), Vakschool Schoonhoven
Master goldsmith and entrepreneur
Goldsmithing, silversmithing, (hand)engraving, gemmology, masterpiece


2016: Designer at Viva Las Vega’s, Almere and Amsterdam
Graduation assignment (thesis)
2014-2015: Designer at Alion, Delft
UX & UI and interaction concepts, projects, campaigns
2010: Goldsmith at Jantine Kroeze, Amsterdam
New work, repairs, masterpiece
2008-2009: Goldsmith at Zigt Sieraden, Rotterdam and Gouda
New work, repairs, sale


2016: Graphic Design, The Hague University
Printed magazine
2015: UX Design, The Hague University
User Experience Design project
2014: Photography in Focus, The Hague University
Printed photobook

Contact me for my full CV.

UX designer toolbox

Methods: A/B testing, Brainstorming, Card sorting, Competitive analysis, Content analysis, Content audit, Contextual inquiry, Customer journey maps, Design briefing, Experience maps, Field study, Focus groups, Heuristic evaluation, Infographics, Information architecture, Interviewing, Mental models, Moodboards, Personas, Prototyping, Remote evaluation, Scenarios, Sitemaps, Sketching, Storyboards, Storytelling, Surveys, Target group research, Task flows, Usability testing, Use cases, User flow, User needs, User research, User scenarios, Wireframing

Sitemaps & Wireframes: Balsamiq, Axure, UXPin, Mockplus, Visio, Mockingbird,
Prototyping: Paper Prototype, Marvel, InVision, Flinto, POP,
Design: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver, Edge Animate, Sketch
Languages: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery
Usability testing: Paper Prototype, Marvel, InVision, Flinto, POP,
Web analytics: Google Analytics
Collaboration tools: Slack, Basecamp, Trello

Miscellaneous: Concept sketching, Illustration, Photography, Typography and Layout

Goldsmith toolbox

Techniques: Annealing, Bending, Buffing, Carving, Casting, Cleaning, Cutting, Drilling, Embossing, Enamelling, Etching, Filing, Forging, Fusing, Granulating, Grinding, (Hand)engraving, Measuring, Milling, Patinating, Pickling, Pointillisming, Polishing, Pulling, Repairing, Restaurating, Riveting, Rolling, Sanding, Sawing, Shaping, Silversmithing, Sketching, Soldering, Sprucing, Stamping, Stonesetting, Texturing, Welding

Prototyping: Drawings, Sample model, 3D-model
Design: AutoCAD, Photoshop, Illustrator

Miscellaneous: Concept sketching, Illustration, Photography, Typography and Layout

Brass paper prototype smartphone

Sometimes the UX designer and the goldsmith cross eachother’s paths, like in this brass smartphone I created for paper prototypes. They also have a lot in common:


Working with precision with an eye for detail.
I’ve spent most of my life deeply interested in creativity, technology and crafting things with both. I love working with my mind and hands. I have a sharp eye for detail.


Sketching is the start of my design process.
As a child I was already busy with all kinds of creative activities, of which drawing was my first and biggest passion. This is still the case. The pencil is my favorite tool.


Creating with the user in mind.
I’m curious about what motivates people. Observing and listening. Simplifying lives through intuitive design and brighten lives with ornamental items of emotional value.


Coffee. Loads of coffee.
So much coffee.

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Feel free to contact me in case of questions and requests. I respond the quickest to email and will answer your message within 48 hours in most of the cases.

In short, you are at the right address for all your pixel- and millimetre related assignments. By the way, the name ‘Melencolia’ is derived from art. This copper engraving by Albrecht Dürer inspires me and therefore flourishes on my back and arm in the form of tattoos. Back to work: I am not always to be found behind a screen and if I am not sitting behind my worktable I love to keep myself busy with other passions: music, art and (video)games. I am a natural born night owl, bookworm and strange duck in our midst. You could thus encounter me at night, videogame on hold, reading an artbook while listening to Nick Cave (just like the latter I am practically always dressed in #000). For now you could encounter me via the links below. :)

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